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This is a comic I drew in 2009 for Ines Estrada and Ginette Lampalme’s comic anthology, Gang Bang Bong.

All the text is from rap songs I was listening to while I drew it. The dirty lyrics were all later translated into Spanish and appeared at the bottom of the printed comic which I think is hilarious. The final page is definitely the best.

All The Way Turned Up is a Travis Porter song. The words at the bottom of the first page are from Three 6 Mafia’s, “Slob On My Knob.” The rest are from Lil Wayne or Three 6 Mafia. “Get High and Spit Fire Out The AK” is a Ying Yang twins lyric. The text on pages four and five are from the Gucci Mane song, “Pillz.”

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    Nick Gazin gives some insight into this comic he sent us for Gang Bang Bong 1. These are the pages that proudly freak...
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